Introduction: Raised Garden Box Description

This project will require 2 people to complete efficiently

The idea behind this project is a D.I.Y garden box that looks nice and works well.

Step 1: Materials Needed

1 piece of 4x4 post

9 pieces of 1x6-8 deck boards

1 box of 9x2-12 inch screws.

4 yard of Soil

*used treated lumber for ours, but ideally should use cedar.*

Step 2: Tools Required

Torx head screwdriver (we used power driver for quicker completion)

Miter saw (for cutting the wood)

Measuring tape


Step 3: Step 1: Cutting the Wood

Cut the pieces of 1x6-8 into 4 ft and 8 feet strips (6 strips of 8 feet in length and 6 strips of 4 feet in length)

Cut the pieces of 4x4 into 6 different 1 ½ feet segments.

To do these things use measuring tape and writing utensil to mark which parts need to be cut and then use the Miter saw to cut them out.

Step 4: Step 2: Putting It Together

When building the Garden box you should build it either on or close to where you want it placed, as it is very heavy when it is finished. One person holds one of the 4x4 segments vertically and the other person uses the screwdriver to screw in either the 8 foot segment of deck wood or the 4 foot segment of deck wood (choose which you prefer to start with) and then get another piece of 4x4 to connect the end of the deck wood, once that done you can either get the base done first by connecting the 4/8 foot segment you just finished to an 8/4 foot segment in the same way described earlier, or you can attach the rest of the planks that you decided to start working on by screwing in the other two planks for that side.