Introduction: Raised Bed From Old Pallets

About: I like to make things from old pallets.
I wanted to make a raised bed so me and my son could grow some veg at a level he could manage. 
knocked this up quite quickly but has the potential to be finished really nicely giving a really strong, stable structure.

It is predominantly made from two pallets. 

Step 1: Tools

Guess tools and materials are quite important.

materials - 2 pallets, maybe some extra planks of wood too.

screws and nails.

The obvious hammer, screwdriver/drill, staple gun. 
I used a circular saw to cut my pallet down to make it the same size.

I also used a mitre saw to cut the short fascia. 

Step 2: Basic Structure

Get two pallets of equal size, these weren't equal size so i just cut it up and boshed one together that was the same thanks to my circular saw. So, get two together and take all the struts out. screw em together. 

As you can see these pallets are pretty passed it, they are the remnants of previous projects, the ultimate aim of all these projects is to not burn the wood. I did wang a few more bits in to make it a bit more stable, the beauty of this is that you can just smash nails where ever on the inside cos its not going to come apart and any screws or nails will ultimately be covered with wood.

Step 3: Strengthening the Structure.

I sunk some 100mm screws through the big cubes and stuck a few bits of wood to strengthen the structure.

Its very easy.

Step 4: Save a Bit on Soil Costs.

Don't quote me on this, im no professional gardener. Just wanted to save myself some cash.

Right 1/2 compost, 1/4 sand, 1/4 soil.

 i did this now and then the soil can settle or whatever. pretty sure nothing happens to the soil in the period between you mix and use it.


turn it upside down and screw some pieces on the horizontal and vertical to give some support to the tarps when you put it in. doesn't really have to be perfect, The weight of the soil will push the tarps through big gaps but it does save on having so much soil but doesn't scrimp on not having enough.

Step 5:

Measure the height and cut a load of pallet planks to size. nail or screw them on. just so it looks a bit neater, at this point for my next one ill probably break the belt sander out and grind that wood down. do it all the way round if you want. i didn't because most of it wont be seen and i got a bit bored with hammering (i need a nail gun)

Step 6: TARPS!

this is the bit i forgot to take a picture of. Its really easy and probably doesn't even need a picture.

Get an old tarps.

Place over pallets.

fill with soil.

Staple down.


Step 7: Nearly Done, Lad.

finish off by laying planks over the edges of the tarps and screw down firmly. this will hold the tarps up.

plant out your veg then just wait till it grows and stuff....
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