Introduction: Raised Bed Garden

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This is a raised bed garden that I made. Come join our brand new forum at for more, and help get this community going.

Step 1:

I made the frame with (2) 2" x 8" x 12' boards and (1) 2" x 8" x 8' board. I cut the 8' board in half and put them at the ends to make a 12' x 4' x 8" deep bed.

Step 2:

I wanted to make this bed with a trellis at one end of it. I want to grow a couple of tomato plants and a cucumber plant up this trellis. I took some 1"x2"x8'boards that I had left from when a tornado came down our street and took off part of my roof and I used them to hold down tarps to keep water out. They still had nails in them that i had to take out first.

Step 3:

Once all of the nails were removed, I clamped all of the boards together to hold them while I cut them to length. I cut 8 @ 66" long for the vertical slats, and I cut 8 @ 51" for the horizontal slats.After all of the vertical and horizontal slats were cut to length, I then marked the vertical slats at every 8". This is where the horizontal slats will be placed.
I then took all of the horizontal slats and pre drilled where I screwed them to the vertical slats.

Step 4:

Once all the slats were screwed together, I put it in place and screwed it on the inside of the end board. I put braces on the sides to help hold it up, it gets really windy here in Oklahoma and I also dont want the weight of the plants to pull down on it and break it. You can see where my daughter photo bombed me in the background. She helped hold it in place while I put up the braces. This is the finished product, now I just need soil, seeds, and good weather to get started.
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