Raised Cabin Bed Frame With Hidden Space

Introduction: Raised Cabin Bed Frame With Hidden Space

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   Building a loft bed  inside a cabin saves  space so  i had to build one .The loft bed frame  is raised  up for Hidden storage  which saves space.

Step 1: Raised Bed Frame Illustration

Step 2: Making the Bed Frame.

Step 1 ~   cut (4)  2x4 boards 21'' long vertical height supports

Step 2 ~   then cut (4) 45'' long  cross supports.

step 3 ~ Next was to cut  (4)  80'' long 2x4 main frame supports

step 4 ~   cut (4) 45 inch long top bed frame support  2 x 4 s

step 5~  Next i installed (2)  1x 20x 78'' long  particle board box spring boards

Step 3: Cubby for the Eden Pure Heater

Step 1~ I cut (2)  2X4X 21 '' LONG frame support 2X4S  and installed them  13'' on center  which made a cubby for the heater to fit nicely in place.

Step 4: Storage Doors Illustration

Step 5: Making the Storage Doors

Step1~   cut  (6) shiplap boards  20 1/2 inches long. Each door is 18 1/2 inches wide .

step 2~ cut (4) 2x3/4x18 1/2'' long  door support slats . 2 per door.

step 3~Assemble doors by gluing 2 slat supports to the doors and secure them with 1 ''  drywall screws so the glue could dry.

step 4 ~  purchase 2 door knobs, 1 key hole lock, and 2  inside door interlock bolts

step 5~ drill a 7/8 hole in the inside corner of the door for the key hole lock.

step  6 ~  install the key hole lock

step 7~ next would be to install the 4  door hinges with hidden screws .

step 8~ install the 2   interlock bolts and 2 door knobs.

Step 6: The Knotty Pine Look..

 If you are looking to finish something off  with a tongue and  groove knotty pine look then the cheapest way to go are these ship lap knotty pine boards .They come in 8,12, and 14 footers. Its still more expensive than drywall but you get the nice knotty pine look that looks so nice .
 Step 1~ I cut  21'' pieces of  shiplap boards to cover the sides of the frame .
step 2 ~ Is to rip a board to 4 1/2 inches wide which will give it a 1 1/2 overlap .
  step 3~  i used a round over  router bit to make a smooth round edge.Then cut to length and finish nailed into place
 step 4 ~ I  like to use Minwax water based polycrylic  for a sealer because it doesnt have a odor and it drys clear .

Step 7: Colby

 Colby one of my jack russell's  really seems to enjoy it .......

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    2 years ago

    Your Quality Control Engineer is adorable!!


    6 years ago

    Thank you, you gave me a solution to my guest bedroom problem !!!


    7 years ago

    Other than the placement of the heater. Would worry about the bedding.