Introduction: Raised Pallet Garden

Just a couple of years ago I was involved in a auto accident. My lower and mid back got pretty messed up and they still are. I grew up on a farm in NH and loved farming. I now live in Florida and still want to farm. After the accident I wanted to keep active outdoors and we wanted fresh veggies. After some talking we decided to build a raised garden so I would not have to bend as much.

We decided to use pallets as the building platform. I tracked down a good supply of them and after double checking that they were not treated with chemicals, look for the HT (Heat Treated) stamp on the pallets.

Here is what you will need to make this style raised garden.

Lots of pallets of the same size

electric drill

screws long enough go into the thickest part of the build


ground cloth (the kind that if you hold up to a light you can see through it. It must be breathable or it will retain all the water from the rain or watering.


seeds, seedlings or plants.

Step 1: Raised Pallet Garden 2

You will need at least one person to help you with this build. I had one sometimes two helpers.

Find a nice level spot in your yard that you want to place your garden in. Make sure it gets the kind of light you plants will need.

For the first section I needed two people to help. I had Angel hold the vertical pallet and Will and myself moved the horizontal pallet into place and I screwed it to the vertical one. After I had enough screws into it to hold it Angel grabbed another pallet for the vertical on the other side.

At this time you can either put an end cap pallet on it or keep building the length. I build my bed so the inside growing area would be 12'x4'.

As you can see the growing bed is pretty high off the ground. Perfect for my twitchy back.

Step 2: Raised Pallet Garden 3

William and I ran to walmart to pick up some dirt.

We used ground cloth that has small holes in it so it would drain.

If I remember right it took around 55 or 60 bags of dirt to fill it to the depth I wanted.

The last few things I added are

rain gutter on the side to plant strawberries in. Worked great.

Braces to the sides of the raised garden so it does not lean one way or the other like mine does.

Step 3: Raised Pallet Garden 4

Well this garden has been in use a while now and it is still going fine.

The latest things added to it are the shade cloth so I can grow my veggies here in Florida in the summer as well as a sprinkler system to water it all in our drier winter months.

These last few pictures are whats left of the tail end of my spring crops. The cherry tomato plant just keeps spitting out fruit. I have a few onions left and three sweet potato plants. (not sure how they will do in this raised bed) carrots and bell peppers.

Sorry if this instructable does not flow right. This is the first one I am attempting to put up and I am unsure of how it will look. Thanks and please give me your feed back.

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