Introduction: Raised Water Tank

Today we will raise a water tank with our friends pallets.

It's very simple, few tools and 1 pallet.

Strong, rustic and effective structure for free.

when it's free it's better. ^^

Step 1: Materials

Few materials :

  • 1 pallet
  • nails come from pallet
  • hammer
  • saw
  • Water tank

Step 2: Build

Really easy :

  • Disassemble the pallet
  • For the bed cut 5 boards 100*10 cm and 5 boards 70*10 cm
  • For the leg 6 boards 10*10*30 cm
  • Now assemble the bed as the photos, 5 boards attached in 3 different points.
  • Add 6 feet with the nails as shown in pictures. For greater stability, the feet are connected together with a board.

Step 3: Verification

As you can see, the whole is strong enough to withstand a full water tank.
Good ways to facilitate the access and use of water tank, all for nothing, thank you pallets.

And don't forget when it's free it's better.

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