Introduction: Rakhi

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Rakhi is tie on brother's hand on raksha bandhan. Rakhsha bandhan is a festival of Hindus in the month of August, in which all sister's tie rakhi on brother's hand to protect sister. In this festival sister's got gift from brothers. So I am going to make this rakhi.

Step 1: Materials


Step 2:

Cut a small piece of thread, around 15-20 inches should work. Insert 5-6 small beads into the thread.Now insert any one end of the thread through all the beads again. Pull both ends and tie 2 knots to secure the beaded ring.

Step 3:

Now insert thread into the holes of bead. Make 3-4 layers.

Step 4:

Note take ribbon and stick the bead flower on it with glue.

Step 5:

Now take pearl stick on the centre of flower. Completed.

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