Introduction: Ram Horns!

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This is real easy to make Ram Horns with nothing heavy, just some daily household tools.
Good for cosplay, masquerade (just kidding, but if you feel like it, meh... do it) and costume parties.
Hope you enjoy making it.

Step 1: Things You Need

Garden wire
Head band
Shopping bags
Film plastic wrapper
Glue gun
Spray paint (any color you prefer)
Acrylic paint (optional)
Decorations (anything catches your mood, i used beads)

Step 2: Start! Raw Form

Get Head bands,
Mark the place where u want the horns to be
Get thick wire (thicker than garden wire, so it hold things in place)
Use tweezers to curls the end of the wire so that it makes a nice spiral.
Then use gluegun and glue the wire onto the mark you put on head band.
Be sure to press it on with tweezers instead of your fingers or you will get burn
Hold it in place for a while till the glue dry.
Do the same for other site.
Bend the wire to the shape you want. Not fixed, just give it shape.
Then take a shopping bag, and fold it longitudinally, be sure not to let it deflate, allow some air in, or you will need a ton of bags to give shape to horns.
Wrap the bag on the wire, when it end, tie the left over parts, will be best if tie the ends with rubber bands. Keep on doing it till the whole thing become satisfactory to your likings.
Then with film wrapper, wrap over the horns. It is the best material, becuz it is easy to get, easy to use, stick by itself, no glue needed. O, one thing do not use glue gun on the plastics or they will melt and it will get messy.
Afterward, bend the thing and shape it into horns. And there we have the base raw form of our very own ram horns!

Step 3: Important Part Start!

Next, this paet is a bit tedious but most important part actually.
You gotta have to get rolls of garden wire.
And wrap it around the raw plastic horns you made previously.
After that keep on wrapping it till the whole things is covered. You need to be patient because this step takes time but this is also what makes the whole thing beautiful.
Wrap it and wrap it. Till you satisfy.

Step 4: Paint It Like You Mean It.

Afterward, it is easy peasy.
Get spray cans, any color you want.
Me, i used Black as base coat and then overlay with Bronze. You don't need to worry about the paint not able to stick to the materials. This is what pleasing the most.
All paonts are acrylic because i don't want metallic colors. If you wamt then, you can use it obviously.
Afterward, i used gold acrylic to give it more shiny touch.

Step 5: Decorations! (optional)

I am crazy about bling blings so obviously I ain't gonna stop there.
I wanted to wrap the beads around the horns and let them fall front and back Arabian style. But the damn thing break when i take it out of the bag (gonna sue that idiot back at craft shop) so i had to be imaginative and improvise.
I glue them beads by beads on the whole thing. Time consuming and tedious but results are superb and amazing! Then tied the remaning beads around the base and make head pieces to go with it.
Phew.... this is the end. Took me a whole day to finish. I survived! And it is all thanks to Klaire de lys and her awesome videos and Joe Hisaishi and his music. All Hail youtube. ???