Ramen With Vegetables

Introduction: Ramen With Vegetables

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This is a simple way to add some vegetables to your ramen.

Step 1: What You Need

Hey, here is the story

Forget about the troubles in life

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You need

That's why

This is what you need: (I think it is funny how three words can make a song jump out of your memory)

Two cups of water (or the amount that is recommended by the ramen you are using.)

A small pot to cook the ramen in.

The ramen.

A bowl.

Some frozen vegetables. I used a small handful of corn and peas.

Step 2: Cook the Ramen

Cook the ramen like you normally would.

Step 3: Use the Ramen to Cook Your Vegetables

When you finish cooking the Ramen, it is hot. You have to wait to eat the ramen. I know, those first couple mouthfuls, you blow on the ramen to cool it off. By the third or fourth mouthful, you end up burning your mouth. By using frozen vegetables you can cool off the Ramen and get to eating quicker.

The hot ramen will cook the frozen vegetables and the frozen vegetables will cool off the hot ramen.

All you have to do is add the ramen to the frozen vegetables and stir. You could have the frozen vegetables in the bowl first, and add the ramen, or put the ramen in the bowl first, and add the frozen vegetables.

Step 4: Enjoy

As usual....enjoy.

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Thank you.

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