How to Recycle Ikea Brackets to Ramp 1.4 Case for 3D Printer!



Introduction: How to Recycle Ikea Brackets to Ramp 1.4 Case for 3D Printer!

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Hello All,

This is my second Instructable, and it is a close examination of another job that you can find here:

From an Ikea Footstool to (Poang) 3D printer!

For this Ramp Case you need to hack two Ikea books support/brackets, (Bokis model, unfortunately in Italy this is out of stock).

You can choose your color, for my instructable I've choose the transparent model of Bokis and two printed parts made in Red glass filament.

Step 1: Gathering Components and Printed Parts

My idea is to connect the two Ikea Brackets with two printed parts (you can download the two parts at the end of this step or on my Thingiverse). Each part is assembled as shown in photos (Each L shape upside down).

For the Printed parts:

The FRONT part have a hole of Ø40 mm for 12V fan, so, the REAR part have holes for the exit of the air and an additional hole in correspondence of the button reset, here you can mount from the inside the Ramp Reset button part provided.

Note: Look that the Ikea brackets are inclined uniquely, then the molded parts will also be inclined, be carreful in the assembly

Step 2: Cutting the PS Brackets

You can cut easily the PS material of the brackets with a little saw for metals and then smooth the holes with a steel file.

The first aim of this step is to allow the Usb and Power connection to exit out of the box in the right place.

The secondary is to reduce the height of the box (in my case cutted between 60 at 70 mm and shaped as shown in the photos), it's a good idea to take as reference the end of the Ikea printed labs on the bottom side of the Bokis bracket.

You need also to shape the twotilted bases of the brackets for making them to straight angle.

Step 3: Holes for Mounting and Wiring

You can drill 2x holes for each side( Ø3 mm) for mounting the Front and Rear printed parts; for my assembly the holes are at 3.6 mm from the external side. For the correct position use as reference the printed parts.

You can also remove a part of the bottom left side of the bracket to make space for cables (left side).

You can also mount the Reset button from the inside on the rear panel as shown, in correspondence of the Ramp 1.4 reset switch.

Step 4: Final Assembly

Now you are ready for final assembly and mount the case on the Poang 3d Printer.

You can do this simply using the plastic band or 4x screws directly screwed on the wood frame:

if you want this is also possible using and print the four supports at the end of this step.


Thanks to all... And now... Are you ready for upgrading your 3D Poang printer?

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