Rampage Team: Enderman

Introduction: Rampage Team: Enderman

Here is one of the many project of my Lego Rampage Team, Minecraft or not. Hope you like this enderman!

Step 1: What You Need

Here are the lego pieces you will need. They will be redisplayed at the first photo of each step.

Step 2: Body

Step 3: Right (flesh) Leg

Step 4: Left (robotic) Leg

Step 5: Right (flesh) Arm

Step 6: Left (robotic) Arm

Step 7: Shield

Step 8: Circular Saw

Step 9: Linking the Parts

Step 10: Conclusion

Here is what we could really call a mutant lego enderman. Hope it will become a character in your next lego StopMotion animation!

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