Introduction: RangePower ECS-10

This is making of the RangePower ECS-10.

Step 1: Materials

You Need a Demolisher 2-in-1,

Step 2:

All Retaliator XD attachments, (Except assault grip)

Step 3:

UKArms Laser, (Optional)

Step 4: And Lastly,

Super Glue. (E6000 works best [optional] here)

Step 5: Step 1

Remove the stock. You will need the space for the alternate stock.

Step 6: Step 2

Take your Retaliator XD parts (yes, has to be Elite XD for this to work) and attach them.

Step 7: Step 3 (Optional)

Place the laser on the side tactical rails, then, glue it on.

Step 8: Done

You're done!