Introduction: Rapid Arrow Firing

This is How you can make arrows rapid fire

Step 1: Rapid Arrow Firing

This is how to make a Rapid Arrow Firing Machine.

Get a Dispenser and place any block (I used Andisite) under the dispenser

Step 2:

Now place 4 more blocks on the side 2 on bottom and 2 ontop

Step 3:

Now Place 2 more blocks behind this is optional

Step 4:

After you put the 2 blocks behind get 4 redstone torches and put them on the 4 ontop blocks in the middle

Step 5:

Now put redstone behind the dispenser and ontop of the middle 2 ontop blocks

Step 6:

Now once you did all the steps you should see that the dispenser is rapidly firing arrows (you can also put lava/water buckets Splash Potions Spawn eggs Fire Charges TNT Bone Meal Chicken Eggs SnowBalls

Step 7: