Introduction: Rapid Racing IPad App

My name is Paul, I am 15 years old, and I made an app! I've been learning how to build games for the iPhone and iPad for about 3 years and just published my first iPad game to the AppStore. Check it out, its free!

My answers to the Make-To-Learn contest:

What I Made:
I made a multiplayer iPad app called Rapid Racing. The object is simple - use your tapping skills to push a car down the track and cross the finish line first. It features easy one touch controls, support for one to four players, and it includes bright graphics and music.

How I Made It:
I developed the game using software called GameSalad. It is a visual editor that runs on top of x-code. I got the music for this game from a website called I started designing the game in Keynote on an iPad. Then I did the programming for the game on the computer. Finally I started to develop the graphics and layout of the game (one of my favorite parts). In total I worked on the app for about 2 1/2 months.

Where I Made It:
I mainly worked on this app at home over the weekends when I didn't have to worry about school work. I also sometimes doodled out ideas for the app when I had free time at school. My family and friends helped me test out Rapid Racing and gave me feedback.

What I Learned:
I learned that I could make an iPad app! This project taught me how to use multitouch in my games. It also helped to improve my graphic design skills and showed me new software to use for that. Building Rapid Racing helped me figure out how to properly test and publish an app to the Apple AppStore.

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