Rapunzel Parks Wig Tutorial(Super Easy,super Cheep)!




Introduction: Rapunzel Parks Wig Tutorial(Super Easy,super Cheep)!

Whether we are a princess entertainer or a not-so-grown up , we all know the struggles of finding that perfect Rapunzel wig! The ones we really love are either way to expensive or SOLD OUT!! And when we do find a wig that's in our price range it turns out looking like a yellow string attached to a wig cap.
I know this struggle inside and out as I am a party entertainer (and boss) of my princess company Signature Magic Enchanted Parties. In one particular case(my first wig buying experience) I was searching on EBay for a good deal on a wig. I found what looked like the PERFECT wig for the low price of thirty dollars! So I quickly placed my order and waited anxiously for my "Wonder Wig" to arrive. It finally arrived. I ripped it out of the package and pulled my wig out! To my suprise ,it looked NOTHING like the picture as it was a shiny yellow braid about an half an inch thick with a bob haircut on the top of the wig. I was very disappointed when I got my wig as there were no returns and I pretty much killed my wig by continuously restyling it. It eventually got so ratted that I couldn't take the flowers out of the braid because they were stuck in the tangle. The positive side of this wig is I finally knew why the movie is called "Tangled". I later found out that this wigs images were stolen off a high quality wig that was being sold on Etsy for $400.My fellow co-workers would laugh at my wig because there's were pretty much perfect and mind was...you know . I really wanted a new wig, but I couldn't afford it. So, I waited until my birthday and begged my parents for a new wig. I was looking at a nice $300 one on Etsy,but they couldnt afford that. I came to the idea of making an wig ! And so.....

Step 1: Supplies Needed

What I used was
2-3 Rapunzel wigs(very important)(2 for thick short wig, 3 for thick long wig)
Wig head and pin to pin down wig(wigs can be feisty)
Paper towel rack/wig head stand
Wide tooth comb(very important)(only use wide tooth comb or a wig brush)
Thread matching the hair colour
Bobi pins
Hair ties
A friend(or in my case my mom...I have no friends)

Step 2: Buying a Wig

I mainly used the YouTube tutorial called"Disney Rapunzel Cosplay Wig & Crown" by Traybuff. I followed the steps almost exactly in this except the fact of a different wig as I couldn't find a Lady Godiva wig that would work. If you are looking for an EXTREMELY thick wig than my tutorial is for you!
I bought my wig from a seller on Amazon for $36 dollars each wig and I got 3 wigs so it added up to about $107.
It took a week to arrive(as I chose the free shipping option) and it came very nicely packaged! The wig itself was gorgeous (would be an AMAZING Halloween costume wig)but I was looking for a thicker longer version.
I would recommend this wig as its better quality than what I payed for! After undoing the braid,I ran my fingers through the hair and noticed just how much hair was in this wig! It is very thick and beautiful! Plus this wig is the PERFECT colour for Disneys Rapunzel! It was an ash blonde and had faint blonde highlights at the top.The hair was very easy to unbraid and is very soft!
When looking for a Rapunzel wig ,I would recommend buying off Amazon as you can actually see reviews of other customers who have bought the product. I would not use EBay as most of the products have the stolen images so you just don't know what you're getting!
Attached is a picture of the wig I bought off Amazon.

Step 3: Unbraid That Braid!

VERY carefully!!!
Have your wide toothed comb nearby at this step as it may get tangled .
Carefully Unbraid all the braids in all 3 wigs. Try and move any stray hairs when braiding to avoid knots.
Once every little braid is unbraided,pick your base wig and secure it to a wig head with a pin to hold it down.
Carefully brush out any knots that may have come about with your wide tooth comb.
Put your other two wigs aside.

Step 4: Parting the Base Wig

When your base wig is secure on your wig head, part half of the wig up,making sure to find a straight line of clear wefts you will sew your wig on. You will want to tie up the hair you parted so it's out of the way in the sewing process. Try to get stray hairs out of the way for a cleaner sew.

Step 5: Cutting Your Second Wig

Pick a wig to cut to sew to your base wig.Start out by turning in your wig inside out.Then cut the lace stringy thingies in a straight line. To achieve the most volume , you will want to cut your wefts at the bottom of the lace circle that has the skin cap.
After you've cut your wig,you will separate the two now separate pieces of hair.(Save the other one as we will use it later).
Attached is an image of the cutting process

Step 6: Sewing the Two Wigs Together

This part is much easier than I thought(probably because I asked my mom to do it for me)
Have a friend hold up the wig you're sewing to the base while you sew each lace string thing to one of the other stings on the base wig. You will want to do 2 or 3 stitches on each lace string to make sure your wig is sturdy.
Be sure to use a tread that's close to the colour of your wig as it will blend in nicely.
Attached is a picture of the sewing process.

Step 7: Brushing Wigs

Carefully flip over the other half of your wig back to its normal position. Gently comb the two wigs together with your wide toothed comb.
You will notice that your wig is now EXTREMLY thick and just AGGGHHH??!!!!
Attached are pictures of the wig after adding the other wig.

Step 8: Styling the Top of the Wig(braids,bangs)

This part is fairly easy which is always awesome!
Rapunzel's style is very easy. I just parted two similar sizes of hair on opposite sides of the wig and braided each. I then took each braid and conected them in the center with an clear elastic which came with my wig.
For the bangs(which was the only thing I didn't like about this wig) I simply made an side swoop on each side and secured them with a Bobi pin.
Attached are images of both styles

Step 9: Braid(hardest Part)

Grab your friend(or your mom) and get ready for a wild ride!
Since this wig is SOOOO thick it was very hard to braid as the hair was so heavy.
Seperate the hair is to 3 sections ,making the middle section the thickest for more volume. Carefully braid this massive wig until you get your desired look. It took us 3 or 4 times until we got the braid we wanted.

You will then get teary eyed at the sight of your perfectly thick braid! It is literally the thickness of the wigs you have to put those pool noodles in! No kidding!
If you want a shorter wig you can stop here and this is a perfect waist length wig for your Rapunzel costume!
But wait till the next step for a wig that touches the ground(well maybe if you're a 5'1 Leprechaun like me)
Attached are images of this braid.

Step 10: Adding the Third Wig for Length

Fetch your third wig and cut it the same way we cut our previous wig. Carefully separate it from the other half of the wig and brush it out as carfully and as wonderfully as you can. Wrap the top of this wig to the bottom of your braid. Secure it with a hair tie or a ribbon.
Grab one of your half wigs and cut a small section of hair out of one. Wrap this around the riddon/hair tie to hide it .
Brush the bottom of your wig to combine it with the other wig . You can add little braids to your braid if you would like- for my wig I left the bottom with braids and the top with out braids(it doesn't make sense but I liked it that way). Also feel free to add flowers and decorations to your wig to give it all that jazz!!


You are finished and now have a beautiful Disney Parks quality wig for a fraction of the price of a wig on Etsy!
When you put on this wig you will feel like the Lost Princess!! Be sure to wear a wig cap and secure this baby down tight to avoid an awkward major hair loss at a children's party! All I have left to say is "Go live your Dream!"

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    6 years ago

    Wow! I've been looking for a Rapunzel wig tutorial that actually looks like hair. Favorited!

    <3 , IrishAG

    Grace Denning
    Grace Denning

    Reply 6 years ago

    I'm glad to hear that! Thankyou so much!


    6 years ago

    It looks just like her hair! Nice work!