Introduction: Raspberry Pi B+ Getting Started Guide

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This is a tutorial on getting started with raspberry pi b+ model.

Step 1: Downloading Noobs

Google raspberry pi noobs download it will be the first result. You can download network or offline I recommend the offline one it seems easier to use. If you downloaded the offline version it may take a minute to download.

Step 2: Putting Noobs on Micro Sd Card

Plug in the micro sd card into yourcomputer and unzip the noobs file and copy it to your sd card. You must use a 8gb or higher card. Once you're done eject the card and insert it into the pi.

Step 3: Plugging In

Once you have the card in plug in the keyboard and mouse, wifi adaptor and plug in the hdmi to you tv and your pi. AFTER you have every thing plugged in plug in the power cable.

Step 4: Start Up

When you power it on it might take a few seconds but it will take you to a setup page click raspbian and press enter and then clip confirm.Then it will take you to a boot menu this part will take about 15 minutes.

Step 5: Finishing

Once it finishes it will run some code for a few minutes then it will go to a blue set up page you can change time and country, once you're done go down a press enter then it will ask you if you want it to reboot press yes, it runs some more code, And then youre done you can go to wifi config and connect then you done.

Step 6: Finished

You're finished.

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