Raspberry Pi B+ Shark Fin Lego Case

Introduction: Raspberry Pi B+ Shark Fin Lego Case

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Looking for a Lego Raspberry Pi B+ case ? Then you have come to the right place.
I made this Instructable as I could not find a Lego case tutorial for the RPi B+.
*This case was designed before I received my RPi(So if it is not perfect please let me know nicely.) *Edit:I have received my Raspberry Pi B+ and it fits fine. I have designed a slim version of this for a nicer more modern look and will be uploading it so check my instructables list for another tutorial on RPi's.
Feel free to add to this design ( Different roof etc.) If you have any suggestions/modifications/fixes just
comment below. I was going to make a tutorial with real life photos but it was too dark to see where all the
pieces went so I made them different colors making it easy to see. You can make it any color you want
I chose mine to be black as alot of my pieces were black. It is named the Shark Fin Case because of
the shark fin at the back step 10 & 11. If you would like a flat top rather than the glass lift up one simply
follow the steps on the Sixth Layer. Comment bellow if you would like to see a case for Models A/B.
Complete Parts List.
1 x 10 2 flat bricks.
1 x 8 5 flat bricks.
1 x 4 2 flat bricks.
1 x 12 2 flat bricks.
1 x 10 1 flat bricks.
4 x 8 3 flat bricks.

Step 1: First Layer : Base

Step 2: Second Layer : Boarder

Step 3: Third Layer : Boarder 2

Step 4: Fourth Layer : Walls

Step 5: Fifth Layer : Walls 2

Step 6: Sixth Layer : Top Boarder - Smooth

If you would like a flat or different top for your case you can stop here and design your own top.
For a flat top simply copy the base on top and switch the pink 1 x 6 smooth piece for a normal flat brick
so the top stays on firmly and still comes off easily to access the board.
Otherwise keep going not much left to finish ; ) .

Step 7: Step Seven : Hidges for Top

Step 8: Step Eight : Top/Roof Frame

Step 9: Step Nine : Top/Roof Glass

Step 10: Step Ten : Shark Fin Pins

Step 11: Step Eleven : Shark Fin

Step 12: Finished Case

If you have gotten this far great! Your case is completed and ready to house your RPi B+.
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and made a case. : )

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for sharing the details of how to make this great case!


    Reply 7 years ago

    Thanks glad you liked it ! : )