Introduction: Raspberry Pi Multipurpose Mobile Lab

I use a few raspberry pi projects on an annual basis, which

I have to pack the stuff up in a box or bags to transport to the location where I will be using the project. Initially I had planned to build a something (like a suitcase) for each project. While I was at a flea market looking around, I found a 1960s record player. It shaped like a suitcase and had detachable speakers. So, I figured I could repurpose this record player into a mobile suitcase to carry my three projects and some raspberry pi supplies.


· Must be portable

· Be at least 12-in X 12-in

· Fit my three raspberry pi projects: Pi Photo Booth, LightShowPi [Todd Giles] equipment and a Ladder Game box by Gordon’s Projects [Gordon's Projects]

Step 1: Gut and Clean

I started by removing everything from the box. The record player, speakers, and a few wood

pieces. I used a damp rag to wipe the inside and outside off and then sprayed the entire case with Febreze. It still had an old smell so I then poured carpet freshener on the inside and let it sit for a few hours in the sun. That did the trick. Old smell gone.

Step 2: Cut & Sand Wood

I cut a few pieces of plywood ¾” x 1.5” x 14.5 to add to the top portion to be able to add a section for my basic raspberry pi items I always use for experimenting. One piece of wood was used at the top of the box, which I added two hooks to hold my camera.

Use some 80-gram sand paper to get rid of the splinters after removing the wood piece that were in the box and the sides.

Step 3: Top Portion of the Box

This will be the area where I install my selfie photo booth, to include a monitor, raspberry pi, Camera Board /w CS mount lens [Camera-board] an SDD external drive w/USB and some basic raspberry pi stuff. I placed two-sided tape on the back of the monitor and stuck it to the on in the center of the top with the camera centered on top of it. I mounted the camera on a piece of wood and added two hooks, so I can hang it on the top bar when using it. Otherwise I will remove it and place it in the box for protection. I used two Velcro strips to mount the raspberry pi to the top and did the same for the SSD, but placed it in the bottom portion to avoid crowding. Since I often use a breadboard for experimenting new projects, I stuck a breadboard loaded with resisters, LEDs and jumper wires. Then connected the breadboard to a raspberry pi zero W.

Step 4: Cutouts for Two 4-gang Outlet Boxes

I placed a 4-gang outlet box on the side of the bottom half and traced it out for cutting purposes. I drilled a ½” hole at each corner I the traced area, then used a jigsaw and started a one hole making my way around to the other holes until the wood fell out. I repeated this process a second time on the other side. I already had my Ladder Game box, which I only had to cut it down to 6.5” x 14.5” in length and add a new coat of paint.

Step 5: Side Boxes

I made one with two speakers and the other for supplies. I replaced the old speakers and added new speaker cloth on one side. I liked the shinny black so I didn’t cover the other side with material.

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