Introduction: Raspberry Pi Pad! Capacitive Touch Screen Tablet! (樹莓派平板!電容觸控式平板電腦!)

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A brief guide on making your very own touchscreen pi pad!

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  • Element 14 capacitive touch screen £60 Element 14 電容觸控螢幕 60鎊
  • Apple ipad mini battery £10 蘋果ipad迷你電池 10鎊
  • Lithium battery charger and 5v usb 2a driver board £5 鋰電池充電器和5伏特usb 2a驅動板 5鎊
  • Raspberry pi 2 £35 樹莓派 2 35鎊
  • Soldering iron and skills 焊鐵和技巧
  • Ply wood and saw skills £5 夾板和用鋸技巧 5鎊
  • Dremel and cutting discs 刻磨機和切割盤
  • Wood glue, hot glue gun 熱溶膠、熱溶槍

Watch the YouTube movie

Watch the YouTube movie!

Step 1: Uses Element14 7 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen. Dremel Away the Screw Tabs and Buy a Longer DSI Cable.

Step 2: Remove Tall Components From Raspberry Pi Pcb. Ethernet and Dual Stack Usb Ports.

I had a USB power and charger PCB with two single height connectors... so i robbed them from the pcb and they fitted nicely to the PI... (Shown in picture 2 - lower picture)

我有一個USB電源和PCB充電器與兩個single height連接器...所以我把他們從pcb上取出,他們很合適 PI ...(如圖2 - 較下方的圖)

Step 3: Get Your Hands on an Ipad Mini Battery, Hollow Out Some Ply Wood With a Chisel.

將您的手放在Ipad迷你電池上,用鑿子挖空 一部分的夾板。

Step 4: Arrange Components, With Tape and Hot Glue, Glue Ipad Mini Battery in Place. Solder Wifi Direct to Pi Pcb!

使用膠帶和熱膠安裝組件,黏牢Ipad迷你電池在位子上。 直接將Wifi焊接到Pi 印刷電路板!

Step 5: Saw Some Ply Wood and Make a Booking! Install Software Per Instructions on Element14 Website. Fit Low Profile Usb Connectors.

鋸一些夾板和-------- 在Elements 14 網站上安裝每個說明的軟件。 適合短檔版Usb連接器。

Step 6: Bandaging, Badaboom... One Beautiful Pi Pad!

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