Introduction: Raspberry Pi With Android Display

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Ever since I got an RPI2 to play with, I wanted to make it as portable as possible. My problem is that every known display cost almost as much as the Pi itself, in fact some are even more expensive. I was looking at old portable DVD players but that would require additional power supply defeating the purpose of being portable.

Then came the news that VNC was offering an alpha version that would show the actual display of the pi. This is what I was waiting for. I have a really cheap android phone and with VNC I can now use it as a primary display of my RPI2.

Instructions on how to set up the VNC server and viewer can be found on the following links:

Instructions on how to set static IP of USB tethering :

For the case I used an old business card case and some leftover 2mm clear acrylic.

instant glue is also needed

Step 1: Modify the Card Case & Laser Cut Phone Mount

The first thing I did was to drill holes on the card case. use stand offs like the ones used to mount on the desktop pc to secure the pi in place.

I drilled only 2 holes on top since i only have 2 stand-offs.

Measured my cheap phone and laser cut the outline on a 2mm acrylic.

Assembled the thing on top of the card case using instant glue. I glued on a piece of foam to protect the phone from scratches. that's the black thingy.

Now I can use the rpi anytime i need it without fumbling for a mouse and keyboard.

I know this isnt much of an ible but I know a lot would like to do this to. :)