Introduction: Raspberry Pi Zero - Din Rail Enclosure

I want to introduce a new project of me. RasPiBox Zero Lite is an enclosure set especially for the Raspberry Pi Zero. You can mount a PiZero and if needed some additional parts to an control cabinet with this kit.

On the following pages you will find a detailed description about the assembly of the RasPiBox Zero Lite kit.

Please visit our project website for detailed information:

Step 1: Tools and Materials



  • soldering iron with small tip
  • side cutting pliers
  • needle nose pliers
  • medium cross slot screw driver

Step 2: Prepare the Terminal Blocks

Find the terminal blocks, they're grey or blue and come in 2-pin shapes. We'll need to slide
two 2-pin blocks together.

Step 3: Place and Solder Terminal Blocks

We've to put the blocks into the proto plate. Make sure you place them so that the open
ends are facing out as shown

Step 4: Assemble and Solder the 40 Pole Socket

We've to place and solder the 2x20 pin socket for the Raspberry Pi Zero

Step 5: Place and Solder the Schottky Diode and Set the Jumper

Step 6: Assemble the Pi Zero

It's time to solder additional parts to the breadboard and plug the PiZero

Step 7: Mount the Pcb Into the Bottom Shell

Step 8: Mount the 2 Holders for the Din Rail

Step 9: Optional Extensions

It's possible to extend the basic kit with an USB-A socket and an voltage regulator (input voltage 9...35V; output voltage 5V)