Introduction: Raspberry Pi Zero Usb Hub & Protoboard

Raspberry Pi enthusiasts that enjoy using the awesome Raspberry Pi Zero which was launched last year priced at just $5, may be interested in a new piece of hardware which has been created to provide a little extra functionality in the form of the RasPiBox.

The new PCB and outer case contacts to the Raspberry Pi Zero via an internal USB cable to the internal USB hub. This USB hub provides 4 x USB ports, check out the video below to learn more. An integrated power supply will provide 5V DC for the PI0 and the USB hub from an input voltage between 9...35V

Please check our project website for actual and detailed information.

Step 1: Materials

- pcb

- 3x 2way terminal block

- GL850 USB hub ic

- LM2675 voltage regulator

- 16 MHz crystal

- 2x 2way USB A socket

- 1x 2x20 pin header

- various resistors and capacitors (see circuit diagram)

Step 2: PCB Development

First we've created a circuit diagram. The GL850 usb hub is only available in a SSOP package. So we need in any case a printed circuit board. We used Target 3001 for these jobs.

Step 3: First Prototype

We assembled the first prototype manually. The pins of the GL850 are very close. It's useful to fix the GL850 with self adhesive tape before soldering.

Step 4: Test

We've tested the first prototype with a Raspberry Pi A+ because it was very hard to buy a Raspberry Pi Zero Meanwhile we've tested the hardware sucessfully with Zero too.

Step 5: Enclosure

The assembled pcb fits perfectely in a optional 3 module cap rail enclosure. Its easy to mount your project in a control cabinet

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