Introduction: Raspberry Pi Zombie Carnival Costume

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Have you ever felt as if you had butterflies in your stomach? Last carnival day I felt that way....

Like a Walking dead fan, I wanted to do a custom equal to the serie.

I was walking around the city, trying not to find a zombie. Suddenly, I saw Rick, I started to run to him but Rick shot me on the stomach... He thought that I was a zombie.. and unfortunately, I'm going to become one.

If you want to become a zombie, look my steps to do a real injury where people can see through you.


Here, you can find all the necessary components to do your own costume of stomach hole. You will make a profound impression to your friends!!


Electronic components

Make up

Extra components


You don't need high programming, make up or electronic skills. You only need to follow these steps and have patience and creativity to make the wound around the screen.

Step 1: Introduction

Here, you can find all the necessary components to do your own costume of stomach hole. You will make a profound impression to your friends!!

Step 2: Hardware

Regarding hardware, we will need 2 devices:

The front screen on which we project everything that the camera records. This display has a control module which we can connect a HDMI cable directly. Raspberry Pi is placed in the rear of the T-shirt and the camera is placed above. To supply the 2 modules, we will use a lithium battery, which will power the system via a voltage converter to 5 volts.

Step 3: Software

The program is very simple, and you can get it through examples that you can find on the website:

Here, you have how to use the camera using python.

First, you have to install the library:

$ sudo apt­get install python­picamera

*If you have the raspberry updated, you can jump this step, but just in case..

The program is:

import time

import picamera

with picamera.PiCamera() as camera:

camera.resolution = (1920,1080)

camera.hflip = True

camera.vflip = True


except KeyboardInterrupt:

while True:





The commands 'camera.hflip' and 'camera.vflip' are to rotate the camera, depends on you placed it, this commands would not be necessary. We need to write the command 'time.sleep' and 'camera.stop_preview' because the camera tends to crash without it.

To create the script from the terminal you have to be on pi folder(to be there, you need to use the command cd) . We use the command sudo nano, we write the program, save it with Ctrl+X and accept it.

To boot to the start, we have to create an autorun file, para ello creamos una carpeta y nos metemos en ella con:

mkdir ./bin

cd ./bin

We create the file sudo nano script_auto_run and write:


# Script to start our application

echo "Doing autorun script..."

sudo python /home/pi/ &

We save the file and make it executable with:

sudo chmod 755 script_auto_run

When it is executable, you have to write:

$ cd /etc/xdg/lxsession/LXDE

$ sudo nano autostart

Down until the last line and write:


And that's all folks!! ;)

Step 4: Make Up

We can use latex applying it on paper placed around the screen to pretend a shotgun wound. Once dry, we should use make up base color skin to make up the whole area. After, you should use red and black paint to decorate the inside of the wound.

We will also use a white T-shirt. We cut 2 holes, one bigger in the front of the T-shirt (a little smaller than the screen) and another behind to put the camera. Later, you can paint the T-shirt with red paint as if you were going to bleed. To the final touch, we will use a toy shotgun.

Step 5: Final Assembly

We will have to use GoPro harness to hold down the front screen and rear camera connected to the raspberry Pi.

We will also use a HDMI cable to connect the image to both devices and connect the power supply circuit to the two modules.

Step 6: Photo Gallery

Here you can find some extra photos.

Finally , you just have to install the whole system. You should place the shirt above the screen and use some blood on the shot wound .

I hope you like my costume and you will be the best dead of Halloween night!

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