Introduction: Raspberry Pi Alarm

Hello, I present my first project with the Raspberry Pi, this is a simple presence detector alarm. Operation is simple, the presence of intruder is detected by utilizing a PIR sensor to detect its presence a photographic capture is done, the capture is sent, at the time, via e-mail specified in the program ...... ....

The list of materials:

- One raspberry pi, B +, which I use. 8Gb SD card installed OS Raspbian

- 1 Picamera

- 1 WIFI antenna compatible with raspberry

- 1 battery, in my case I used either a 9V battery with 7805 connected to the output. But I advise you, and that's what I ended up using a PowerBank of these used to charge mobile devices.

The steps are concrete ......

- First goal is to connect to the wireless network Raspberry in which we want to connect.

- Second objective Picamera prove that it works correctly.

- Third objective learning to work with the GPIO to connect the PIR sensor and can read your entry

- Fourth objective, send a mail to get in the mail finally enclose the photographic capture, which serve as proof of the intrusión.En this case I recommend to perform various catch and send several photographs (one could also capture video, but I have not tried )

Deputy the basic operation program, written in Python ........ I am available to answer questions.

I made a part a script that allows the execution of the program automatically when you boot the Raspberry, this step can explain if needed ........

Is that the explanation is somewhat brief, I hope I have been sufficiently explanatory, it is a project for people who have worked with Raspberry and already have basic knowledge ......

Step 1: