Raspberry Pi Music Player

Introduction: Raspberry Pi Music Player

Plays music every way you can imagine. FM Radio, blue tooth, or serve up your iTunes media library through the Logitech media server with PiCore on your Raspberry Pi:

Step 1: Parts

I had a 100 year old fruit box with no bottom, that my wife wouldn't let me throw away. Added some Chestnut, and painted birch plywood, and some drawer hardware. Very custom box build, so won't go into much detail.


Lepai LP -A86 USB on amplifier powers the raspberry pi

Pyle 150 Watt Marine speakers

PiCore Player for Raspberry Pi - Download image at http:sites.google.com/site/picoreplayer/home. Free download, but it is definitely worth a donation.

Logitec Media Server - free download

Lipo Battery back-up - Plays while it charges and will run approximately two hours on battery

Squeezebox app for Iphone acts as remote - The app I downloaded for free works fine. There are several free and pay options.

Sorry, but copy, paste, and links were not working when I published, so this instructable is what it is.

Step 2:

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Very cool idea! I love that you used an old fruit box for this, that's such a cool touch.

    If you wanted to, you can always edit your instructable to add links and what-not :)


    Reply 7 years ago

    can I assume the free squeeze box your refer to is the Logitech app?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    That is the only free one and the one I use. There are several other options if you want to pay. I am having trouble getting Spotify to play, so I might pay the ~$10.00 for one of other apps to see if it makes a difference.