Introduction: Raspip-boy - the Only Way to Wear a Raspberry Pi

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Last week I made a pip-boy / phone holder and as mentioned on that instructable, I really wanted to make pipboy with Raspberry Pi on board. So although this is not a working pipboy model, it's something that let's me put 2 things I like together in one project, that is Prop making and the raspberry pi.

So let's go on with it.

Step 1: Hacking the Pipboy Phone Holder

So the materials are essentially the same as the pipboy phone holder. In fact it is a material for this build. I bought a cheap generic 5" LCD resistive touch display for my RPI3 so I'll be working around this size. Ideally if you can find a 3.5" LCD display that would be best. However I like the bulky feel of a larger display.

We would be discarding the phone holder assembly but we will still use the arm holder, gears and knobs . If you want to know how build the arm holder, check out my previous instructable.

I made a case for my pi using laser cut cardboards. I just stacked 2 folders (4 layers of card boards) using super glue or instant glue and had a CO2 laser cut my design. The front cover of the pipboy was also cut using laser. The file is in DWG format. Use NanoCad to open and modify this drawing. NanoCad is freeware too. :) If you have steady hands and can't get access to a CO2 laser cutter, you can just simply print them using an ordinary printer on paper. Paste is on the cardboard and cut them out using x-acto knife. Be sure to use 1:1 scale and units should be set to mm.

Step 2: Mount the Pi on the Arm Holder

I basically just made a larger base for rpi case to sit on. I added ears on the case so I can insert a thin strip of EVA foam to act as a securing belt. This way I can still remove the pi without destroying the build. I also mounted the power bank on the other side. It is secured by simply making a hoop tightly on the power bank's body using strips of EVA foam and gluing it on the securing belt of the rpi case. The belt is held in place using an old watch locking hatch. If i did not have this I would have probably just glued it on the arm holder.

Step 3: Put Some Details

I printed the scale of the radiation indicator and glued it on a piece of clear hard plastic like a cd case. Then glued it behind the opening. I did not bother giving it the rust treatment as I was too lazy to pop out the rpi.

Step 4: Wear It and Look Silly While Admiring Your Work

I really like seeing massive and clunky gears being worn by characters in games and movies, it just looks awesome. It's not really practical wearing the pi this way but I like it :)

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