Introduction: Rasta Safety Pin Earrings

About: Independent soul who loves turning wat I touch into usable gold, lol though not like the King who couldn't even eat the food he touched.

Art is my passion, so I make this earrings for the ladies to wear and feel comfortable while looking unique and smart...

Step 1:


Here’s how i do my Rasta colours Earrings

You will need:

A Plier.

Beads (you can use
any colours you like, but I chose Rasta colours because of my target market).


Step 2:

You will fill the one opening side of your pin with beads.

Step 3:

The close it and seal it tight with your pliers so that the
pin doesn’t open up and the beads fall off.

You will then open up your earring hooks with your pliers at
the back side where there’s a circle.
Hook it up at the end part of the pin (throw the circle) and
then lock the earring hook with the pliers again.

Step 4:

After that, you are ready to wear your stylish little
earrings. Remember you can mix-match your colours according to your attire for
the day. You can also use small or large pins and different size beads.
Please give me a feedback if you do make them and tell me
the reaction of the people around you, what they say about them or even how to
improve them.

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