Introduction: Rats' Feast on the Witch [Gluten-free]

Voracious rats took over the dining scene and left witch's hands!

WARNING: Be cautious of bone when taking a bite into a rat.


1. Although chicken drumstick gives the best shape, tofu, veggie burger, or other filling may be used.

2. Avocado may be used in the Witch's Hand for green coloring


  • Scissor
  • 3 Wide plates
  • Aluminum foil/ baking tray
  • Masher


  • 3 Rice paper sheets (Square but circle is fine too)


  • Sriracha or BBQ Sauce


  • A drumstick (body)
  • 2 raisins (eyes)
  • A walnut (brain)


  • Green Beans (fingers)
  • Half a cup of mixed vegetables (corn,peas,carrots, green beans mix)
  • 2 small potatoes or a half a large potato

Step 1: Roast

Oven roast at 350F on a separate tray:

Tray 1 [ 20 min. - mixed vegetables & chicken drumsticks ]

Tray 2 [ 30 min.- Green beans & potatoes ]

Step 2: Rice Paper Wrapping

WITCH HAND: Mash the potatoes and add in mixed vegetables.
OPTIONAL: Season the mixture

Wide plate 1: Wet a rice paper with tap water until pliable.

WARNING: The rice paper will disintegrate if left too long.

Wide plate 2: Lay flat the rice paper and wrap


  • There is no set in stone rule for wrapping.
  • The rice paper stick to itself. This can be a good thing but also a bad thing.
  • 3 rice paper sheets are used to ensure even wrapping of the filling content.

Step 3: Summary


*Pour the sauce onto the drumstick before wrapping if desired.

*Sheet 1 - Place the drumstick onto the a rice paper. Wrap bottom half of the rat body

Sheet 2 - Press walnut onto the top of the drumstick end. Wrap top half of the rat body

Sheet 3 - Add tail and ears. Use raisins for eyes.


Sheet 1 - Place the mashed potato mixture onto a rice paper and wrap

Sheet 2 - Place the wrapped mashed potato onto a rice paper and lay out 2 green beans for each finger. Cut the rice paper so that each finger can be wrapped

Sheet 3 - Wrap rice paper over the top of the hand

Step 4: Serve With the Sauce

OPTIONAL: Rice paper is an egg roll material. If structurally sound, the rat and the witch hand can be pan-fried for crispy texture



1. Roasting the rat and the witch hand in oven will NOT turn them into egg roll. Instead, you'll have dry,stiff rice paper "skin".

2. Refrigerating will dry the rice paper so consume on the day made. Otherwise, add the in soup to soften.


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