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Introduction: Raw TetrisLamp

This DIY describes how to create raw TetrisLamp.

Step 1: Tetrominoes

I had 2 wood slats spare. They came with a shelf I ordered and were part of the package.

As other electronic geeks I spent a lot of time playing Tetris. So I decided to use the slats to create a TetrisLamp which contains fairy lights.

This step describes how I created the Tetrominoes.

I was able to create 3 of them. That' s all I got out of the 2 wood slats I had.
So I first made the parts for the 3 Tetrominoes regarding the sheet shown below.
The measures are in cm. The wood slats were 1,6cm thick and I wanted the parts to look like assembled from 10cm cubes.
Before I painted the Tetrominoes I had to create holes for the cable of the fairy lights.
I wanted the lamp to hang on a wall with an invisible mounting. So I added holes to the blue part which match the screws I used as the mounting. These screws have an angle on the end.
Be sure not to bore these holes through completely.

After I painted the parts, I added colored construction paper on the front, in the same color I' ve chosen for the wooden parts. The paper was fixed using construction glue. I tried to exert pressure during drying using big and heavy books.

After the parts of my TetrisLamp were finished, I was able to assemble them.
The parts were fixed with screws.

Step 2: Fairy Lights

This step describes how I added the fairy lights.

I had cables coming out of the wall which were meant for a lamp. I asked a friend of mine who is an electrician to connect the cables to a switch I had below the cables.

I bought fairy lights which can be connected directly to electric sockets and cut it into 3 parts for the 3 Tetrominoes. Then I threaded the cables through the related holes and reconnected them using luster terminals. Be sure to put soldering tin on the cut ends to get stable cable ends for the terminals.

After that I connected the fairy lights to the switchable cables, which came out of the wall, again using luster terminals and mounted the TetrisLamp on the mounting screws.

On the last image you can see the TetrisLamp in action. It' s just a raw realization. I want to create another one which is on a higher level of quality. The described one is just a kind of prototype.

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    13 years ago on Step 2

    This is really cool. I bet you could get colored acrylic for the fronts


    Reply 12 years ago on Step 2

    You could also dress the inside of the pieces with something reflective (like tin foil - but be careful with insulation!!!) so that the light gets diffused and there are no dots showing :) If you don't want to mess with high voltages, I think using leds would give a nice result too :)

    Capt. Fat
    Capt. Fat

    13 years ago on Introduction

    Nice lamp. Couldn,t you just put indoor christmas lights in the tetrominoes instead?

    Shoe Cat
    Shoe Cat

    13 years ago on Introduction

    Well i got thinking of making this..is it possible to make colored glass?


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    you can buy it, i think in certain craft stores. for the diffused look of the lamp in the pic i recommend frosted glass