Razor Scooter Powered With Drill Batteries

Introduction: Razor Scooter Powered With Drill Batteries

About: hi my name is carter. I'm 13 and i like making everything from bows to go karts.

In this instructable I will show you how to take a broken razor scooter and power it with drill batteries. Its super easy to do and can go pretty fast so it is not for younger kids. This is also my first instructable and I am 12 so don't spaz out if I mess something up. By the way I am NOT RESPONCIBLE if you hurt yourself. Do this at your own risk.


You are going to need a broken razor scooter, some drill batteries and some insulated wire.

Optional parts: 3d printed battery harness and battery clip or battery harness from a old drill.

Tools: soldering iron, hot glue gun Dremel or cutting tool of your choice and screwdriver/drill.

Step 1: Get Rid of the Old Battery

The first thing to do is get rid of those old batteries. Save the connector that clips the battery to the controller though. You will need it later. Then if you want, cut a hole with a cutting tool of your choice for the battery to fit through.

Step 2: Electricals

Next you have to check the motor voltage. This step is important. The voltage may be 12 or 24. If it is 12, use one battery, and if it is 24, use 2. Next, solder the battery connectors in parallel if you have 2. If you have one solder it directly to the controller. If you don't have a battery clip, you can put wires directly to the contacts. If your scooter has a reset button, definitely include that. I have converted these before, and sometimes they will overheat unless you have one. (sorry about the battery clip in the picture. it is a little broken.)

Step 3: Tips for Usage

Before you test it, here are some things you should know. First, to get going you have to push with your foot like on a regular scooter. So twist the throttle and push to make it go. Also check the motor a lot. If it feels too hot, let it cool. If it gets wet, it may not work.

I hope you enjoyed making this scooter. They are tons of fun. I ride mine everywhere. They are great for going to a friends house or riding to the park. They are also small enough that they don't take up a lot of room so it wont clutter up your house too much. Have fun!

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