Rc Car Boost

Introduction: Rc Car Boost

If your RC car's battery is too slow or spends lot of batteries. So in here I will you how to boost your RC car with 2 high voltage batteries and the way to change it, since this is my first instractable so please do not judge me with my work and English.

Step 1: Here Is Case of Batteries

I just removed the old batteries and heading to change it

Step 2: The Main Step

I removed the body of RC car and opened the circuit case.

Step 3: Find the Batteries Wires

The batteries wires are soldered on the circuit and in the batteries case

Step 4: Cut the Wires of Batteries

You will find the batteries wire below the circuit so cut it from the battery case.

Step 5: Find a High Voltage Battery

I had a old computer battery so I uncased it and took its 2 batteries. I recommend you to buy a 9V battery (Li-ion).

Step 6: Its 2 Batteries

I joined 2 batteries together with tape and attached it to my RC car

Step 7: Almost Done

We are almost done now attach the body of your RC car

Step 8: My RC Car

Now watch how my RC car looks and we are done.
Thank you for watching this tutorial

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    7 years ago

    i tried this and blew the motors.

    i think you'll need to have bigger/more powerful motors if you blow yours up


    Reply 6 years ago

    The motor is not the problem, I think you did something wrong,,, Like mabye you attached the wires worngly