Introduction: Drone Dropper

Below is a list of all of the parts for this build...


You will need:

-A transmitter and reciever

-Foam board



-Hot glue/tape

- Scissors

-3.7v battery

(6 pack is Overkill but you get the idea)


(If you ever intend to hook a brushless motor to this ESC I would recommend getting one with a higher amp rating)

Step 1: Connecting the Electronics

Connect the battery wires to the red and black wires on the ESC (ignore the three wires on the other side).

Plug the ESC cable into the receiver (yellow, red, and brown) it does not matter which port you plug it into

Next, plug the servo into any of the ports other than the one labelled bat. (Mine is plugged into channel 6) Plugging the servo into the different ports will cause it to be controlled by different parts of the controller.

Step 2: Making the Box

Make the box out of foam board that will fit your electronics, make sure you have room to cut a hole in the center for the servo and string.
(Mine is 2 inches tall * 3 1/4 inches wide * 3 1/4 inches long)

Step 3: Put Everything Inside

Put all of your electronics into the box with the only thing covering up the hole in the middle being the servos arm.

Step 4: Adding the String

Make a loop of string and attach it to the bottom of the box like so:

Step 5: Adjusting the Servo

When the servo is in the object loading position the servos arm should hang out of the box at about 45 degrees

Step 6: Attaching Something!

Attach another loop of string to whatever you want to drop... Then put the loop that is attached to the object through the string on the box... Finally put the string that is attached to the box on top of the servo arm and put the servo arm all the way up like so:

(To release simply put the servo arm all the way down so that the string can slip off of the servo arm)

Step 7: Drop Away!

Be safe, and build at your own risk! I am not responsible for any damage to anything or anyone!

(A link to my not very good video explaining how to make this)... How To Make a Dropper for Your Drone!