Introduction: Rc Duct Tape Swamp Boat V1

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This is my first istructible so please be kind i did this late at night and figuring it out as i go along.

Step 1: Gather Materials

1-2  rolls of duct/duck tape
1 rc reciever
1 rc servo
1 rc speed controller and motor  (or make it autonomous with an aurduino)
1 computer fan about 120mm and fan grill to match
a bunch of popsicle sticks
rc transmitter
and other misc items and tools

Step 2: Make the Hull

youll need to make a bottom skid plate i used duck brand tape for the bottom and scotch for the sides

First      youll need to make a fabric swatch for the botom (duck brand) about five strips wide and however long you want. it layer it five or more high and make the top and botom layers non sticky then. cut off the ovelap on the two sides

Second     make another swatch for sides (schotch brand).  make it five or mor thick. 3-4 strips wide and about 1-2 inches longer than your bottom

Third    cut the swatch in half and find the angle you need for the front and cut it out

Fourth     make another swatch five layers. and 3 strips wide for the angled piece.  and 2 strips for the back piece. make it the length of your small side of the hull

fith   once all this is done lay your sides and bottom flat and tape together the seams it may seem unstable but the next step will take care of that

Step 3: Lay the Popsicle Sticks

youll need the popsicle sticks a glue gun and patience the popsicle sticks keep the boat from caving in and folding out

First start at the back of the boat and work forward lay them lenthwise and start gluing when you get to the end of them going lengthwise start layin sideways and cutting them to fit

second when floor done start the wall going from botom to top when at the top if the next stick hangs over the edge do not put on

third put a drop of glue in all the little squares for waterproofing and and put along the edges

Step 4: Fan Disassembly

Disassemble the fan carefully see pictures for instruction

Step 5: Motor Install

some motors will just mount to the fan gaurd and if so just mount it and form the guard the way you need too if it wont fit the guard with modifications try a differant motor ar fan guard
see pictures for help

if gear off of motor will fit just epoxy it to the blade see picture

Step 6: Fan Assembly Install

youll need popsicle sticks, fan assembly, hul,l and glue gun

pictures will help with placement and install of struts

Step 7: Rudder

youll need popsicle sticks, a little metel rod, and a piece of plastic.  this part is hard to explain so look at pictures for info

Step 8: Finishing Up

youll need speed control, reciever, battery, hull, and zip ties

dont place the battery in a specific spot because we got to ballence the boat first

place speed control and reciever where desired and connect all wires. then zip tie the loose wires together to save room

Step 9: Balancing

to balence the boat place in water and look to see how low the back is to the front in the water. to make the boat ballenced place battery in the front of boat until the water line is the same height across the boat

Step 10: Battery Hold Down Install

place battery where it was when you balenced the boat.  than make some side rails the height of the battery with popsicle sticks and glue.  then glu into place snug against the batterys sides.  to make the front hold down cut sticks to the right lenght and glue into place. 

Step 11: Finished

after completing all steps put boat in water and have fun

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