Introduction: Rc Plane Planter

This is how I plant my plants. Plants grow better when they are flying through the air.

Step 1: Build the Plane

This is a flite test design (the ft scout). They have awesome build video's, so go check them out.

Step 2: Paint the Plane

I decided to go with the color orange for this build, but you can do what ever color you want. I used orange krylon spray paint, but any brand will do.

You want to hold the spay paint back 3 to 4 inches and spay light coats to ensure that you do not soak the foam board. You want to spay as many coats as need, 2 to 3.

Step 3: Install the Plants

First you need to cut and install some cups in the plane. Then you need to break. Up the fire to remove as much as possible. After that install the plants in the plane, but make sure to make seat belts so they don't fly out when in flight.

Step 4: Fly the Plane and Have Fun

Now it is time to make the plants fly. Make sure they are wearing a seat belt.

Step 5: Conclusion

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