Introduction: Rc Twin Boom Plane ! Complet Build ! the Best Plane for Fpv and Aerial Video !!

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hi !! i would like to share with you the plane that i made , is a twin boom plane , very great plane :!!!

and great design. It can fly fast and aerobatically, slow and smooth, can carry weight like cameras and FPV gear and it looks unique in the air , so The twin boom configuration means the motor doesn't need to sit up high, so the fuselage can be slimmer.

i decide to do a complet video of the build , this is the video :!!!

Wingspan - 1.3m (53")
Length - 80cm (32")

i used polystyrène foam and coropast !!! this is the first time to use Coroplast and i find it so easy with the hot wire !

Airframe weight - 480g w/o electronic

ToTal weight ; 1009g with 2* 3s 1550mah = 3100 mah lot of power that mean a very long flight time !!!!

Motor - Turnigy D2836/8 1100kV ( you can use any motor that give you 600+ of thrust )

Hobbyking 30A ESC

Prop - 9*6,

all electronic from

Materials ;

polystyrène foam,


Hot glue,

double sided tape,


hot wire ,, and wood !!

and this is the fly test !

soon i will tested with gyroscope HOBBYEAGLE A3-L !!! and see what difference

so if you like this project

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!!! hope to like it !!