Re-Assembling a Field Stripped S&W 22A Pistol

Introduction: Re-Assembling a Field Stripped S&W 22A Pistol

Just cleaned your pistol, but don't remember how to put it back together? This is an instructable to help you get it together and back to the range.

Remember to always wear safety glasses while performing this kind of work.

Follow all safety instructions associated with handling firearms.

Step 1: Assemble the Receiver

Take the firing pin spring and insert it onto the firing pin. Ensure that the plastic spacer is still attached to the back of the firing pin. If not snap it back into place. If the plastic spacer is damaged, do not re-assemble the firearm until a replacement part can be obtained.

Thread the firing pin into the receiver slot and compress the spring pushing the firing pin into the slot until the back plastic is resting in the receiver.

Step 2: Attach the Receiver to the Grip

Take the assembled receiver and position it in front of the grip's slots for the receiver.

Carefully slide the receiver back so that it is in the "open action" position.

With your thumb push up on the receiver lock to hold the receiver in the open position.

Step 3: Attach the Barrel

Take the barrel and slide the hook at the rear end of the barrel into the clasp on the grip with the receiver in between.

Rotate the barrel down, sliding the connection pin into the grip.

Push the release button down to enable the barrel to lock in place.

Push the barrel all the way down till it is completely locked in place.

If the lock button comes out to its extended position then the barrel is set.

Your firearm is now assembled, go to the range and enjoy!

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