Introduction: Re-Constructed Boneless Hot Wings

I was brain storming ways to turn simple comfort foods into fancy modern dishes, In this Instructable ill show you how to re-construct a pub favorite, Hot Wings! you will learn how to make Perfectly cooked chicken breast, The crispiest skin, Red hot caviar topped off with a blue cheese Foam. Enjoy.
What you will need for this instructable:
Skin-on Chicken Breast
Franks red hot sauce
2% milk
Blue Cheese
Red wine Vinegar (optional)
Cooling rack
Temperature controller (For sous vide Cooking)
Olive Oil (Cooking oil)
Soy Lecithin
Slotted spoon
Eye dropper or food plunger (syringe)


 First you need to gently (without tearing) remove the skin from the breast (I couldn't find skin on breasts so I am using the skin from a Leg/Thigh) after you remove the skin cut into "uniform" pieces, around 2x3 inches or so, the skin will shrink considerably.Pre-heat your oven to 300 Degrees Celsius. Place the skin on your rack. Lightly salt the skin (remember to place a pan under for the fat to drip in)  Place in the oven on the middle rack for 25 minutes. Leave on the rack until you are ready to plate.


Preheat  the water bath to 65 Degrees Celsius. (the one I use is a temperature controller form ebay paired with a slow cooker)  Place your chicken breast into a zipper bag, take care to remove as much air as you can, If you have a vacuum sealer that will work as well. Place the Chicken in the bath, the breast will take 1.5 hours to cook.

Step 3: Red Hot Caviar

Chill a tall glass of olive oil in the freezer, It will solidify so watch it carefully. Next you will measure out 1/3 cup of Franks (or another hot sauce, it is your call) and place in a sauce pan ( I added a splash or red wine vinegar because my franks thickened up a lot with the heat) Bring the Red Hot to a simmer, whisk in 1 Gram, or about a teaspoon of Agar-Agar. After mixing let it cool a bit (not in the refrigerator, the counter top is fine) With your syringe, dropper or pipette draw up the Red Hot mixture, now slowly drip this mixture into the chilled oil. let stand for a few minutes. Remove the Caviar with a slotted spoon, rinse excess oil off by adding the caviar to some fresh cold water. Set caviar aside for plating. (optional, Agar-agar is stable up to 80 Degrees Celsius, I store mine in a zipper bag in the water bath.)


Add a few grams (5-10) of blue cheese  to 2/3 cup of milk, I used 2%. Let that stand for a few hours until the milk takes on the taste of the cheese. Strain the cheese out or skim the milk off the cheese. Add to the milk .5 Gram (half teaspoon) of soy lecithin. Blast this with a hand mixer, you can whisk this if you want, but it will take a while. Once sufficient foam appears, set this dish aside.


Remove the chicken from the bath and the bag. cut the chicken into desired shape. (A little pink is ok, this chicken is fully and perfectly cooked) Sear the chicken piece on both sides, turning every 10 seconds until lightly browned. remove from heat to avoid over cooking. Prepare to plate your dish.


On a plate, A nice squirt of Red Hot. Set the chicken on top. Rest the crispy skin on the chicken. Add a tablespoon or so of caviar and a dollop of blue cheese foam. Enjoy. 

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