Introduction: Re-Fueling Your Zippo - Epic Fail

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Okay, In this instructable, I will be showing you how to put fuel in your Zippo lighter WITHOUT lighting your hand on fire. If you enjoy it, please feel free to vote for me in the Epic Fails contest.

Step 1: Deconstructing Your Lighter

The first step to refilling your lighter is taking it apart, this is also the safest step, just open your lighter and pull it out of the case.

Step 2: Filling the Lighter

Okay, the dreaded filling of the lighter. This step requires the utmost caution. You must lift the felt tab on the bottom of your Zippo, Open the lighter fluid container, and pour fluid onto the cotton. Now you push the felt back down, Insert the lighter back into it's case and light it.

Step 3: FIRE!!!!

Here is where I messed up. I lit the lighter without washing my hands first. The fluid that I had gotten on my hands had caught on fire when I lit the lighter. I ran around like a mad man, blowing on the flames. I will admit this was not my finest moment, it was funny though! Whenever you are working with fire, be careful, and have a camera ready. You never know when something funny will happen!

Step 4: The End

Thank you for taking the time to look at my instructable, I really appreciate it! If you enjoyed this instructable, please feel free to vote for it in the Epic Fails contest.

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