*Re-Purpose* Hand Towel (into) Childrens BIB - PURPLE



Introduction: *Re-Purpose* Hand Towel (into) Childrens BIB - PURPLE

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If *YOU* enjoy this Instructable, please take a moment to VOTE for it !  WHY spend money on Children's Bibs when YOU can make one for NO-COST.  This one I made using the MEN'S TIE (into) BIAS TAPE on another Instructable I made), and a Re-Purposed Hand Towel.  They are delightful, well made and can be washed. 

Step 1: Materials List

To make this Adorable Children's Bib - you'll need ONE Hand Towel, Scissors, Sewing Machine, Pins,  Marking Pen, Bias Tape, and a 4" diameter circle.  I use the bottom of a tea-cup plate which is the perfect size.  You can also use a smaller Finger Towel that would be smaller for Infants.  Using a Hand Towel makes the Bib long enough to catch all the crumbs and dropped food from getting on Child's outfit.  Being a Hand Towel, they are GREAT to wipe off child's face with as well :) 

Step 2: Cut Circle for Neck

Using 4" diameter Circle, on Hand Towel - lay towards the top so that there is a small portion to have for a back flange.  This is handy to keep shoulders clean as well.  Mark with marking pen around circle and up the back.  CUT circle with Scissors.

Step 3: Encase Circle in Bias Tape

Using the Bias Tape, Cut TWO pieces that will fit on the edges up the back portion.  OPEN Bias, FOLD down out edge and press.  Now Open again, insert back edge into Bias Tape.  Pin and Stitch close to edge of Bias Tape.  Fold leftover Bias Tape in Half, mark with pin.  Fold towel in half, mark with pin where bottom of circle is.  Matching Pins, pin the Bias Tape to the circle from center point around.  Stitch close to edge, re-stitch 1/8" from first stitching for decorative stitch. 

Step 4: Make Bow Tie

With Bias Tape Applied as Neck Edging, you are ready to create the Bow Tie !!  Using Scrap Fabric from  Man's Tie ( I used the leftovers from when I made the Bias Tape), Use the Bottom of the Man's Tie.  OPEN, Press.  Gather Top Edge.  Stitch directly UNDER the center of the Neck Binding.  To Make Bow Tie - Using 12" x 8" piece of the Men's Tie, Fold in Half lengthwise with wrong side showing.  Stitch raw edges together.  Turn inside out, press with seam centered on the backside.  Fold both ends of Bow towards middle.  Pin.  Stitch.  Using a 3" piece of the Bias Tape, wrap around middle of Bow to Tie together.  Whip Stitch back to secure. Now you are ready to sew Bow Tie to space directly on top of Tie (thru the back, whipstitch all layers together).  You now have a finished Bib!!  GREAT to use for Children when at Resturaunt to keep nice clothes clean.  One of a Kind !!  I hope you have enjoyed this Instructable and Keep on Creating !!  Until the my next Instructable - Love, Kanatka 

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