Introduction: Re-Screen a Porch

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In this video we take you through the steps and techniques needed to re-screen Steph’s porch. After much research, Steph decided this project was doable for the two of us!

Research ahead of time the kind of screen you want to use and then head off to the Big Box store for your supplies and tools.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials, Tools, and a Helper. You Will Need a Buddy to Help Keep the Screen Aligned and Square As the Spline Is Rolled Into Place.


  • Screen—it comes in rolls
  • Spline—there are various diameters and lengths—the 100 yard bag was the most economical
  • Spline Mouse


  • Stanley Pliers Set—used to pull the spline
  • Stanley Hook Set—used to pry away old spline. Please note: brace yourself as you remove the spline so you don’t lose your balance and wear gloves to avoid cuts.
  • Straight Edge Knife—used to cut screen to size, trim new screen, can also be used to cut spline
  • Scissors—another tool to cut screen/spline
  • Gaff tape
  • Cleaning supplies/caulk as your project requires—we found a few places that needed caulking and lots that needed cleaning!

Step 2: Remove the Old Screen and Use It As a Pattern to Cut the New Screen.

Give yourself a generous amount of extra screen on all sides. The excess will be cut off after splining.

Step 3: Clean the Spline Channel to Remove Dirt and Debris.

A magic eraser works well. Clean other surfaces as well, if needed.

Step 4: Tape the Top of the New Screen in Place. Have Your Buddy Help Hold the Screen in Place.

Step 5: Using a Spline Mouse, Roll the Spline Into Place. Cut Off the Spline End and Tuck Into Place.

Your buddy needs to help hold the screen taut, making sure everything stays straight, square, and wrinkle free.

Step 6: Trim the Excess Screen With a Knife.