Re-Vamp Your Seats!

Introduction: Re-Vamp Your Seats!

I got a hand-me-down dining set. It's a great frame but it's a little out-dated. (Rockin' a sea green seat covered in  plastic.) I wanted a more updated look. Pretty simple. My first instructable, please be gentle :)

For this you will need a chair, a tee with a sweet design, a screwdriver, a pair of scissors, and some attachment contraption (I used a needle and thread).

NOTE: The image above is from one of my better iterations of this DIY. The one documented is from a smaller shirt with a smaller design. You're generally better off with large shirts cause they have larger designs.

Step 1: Remove Seat From Frame

In my case, the seat was attached with phillips screws. Unscrewing them was sufficient to remove it. There was the existing cover on the seats, I didn't remove it in case I wanted to revert back to the old (plus too much work).

Step 2: Fit Shirt to Seat Cushion

Depending on your shirt size and design, you might end up with a different set up for it. 

I experimented here with small sized shirts, so sliding the shirt in it's entirety was best, with smaller adjustments to secure it to the seat. However, if you use a large shirt (which ideal as they usually have large designs, more adjustments will be required, including removing the backing of the shirt to remove bulk and obstructions for the screw.

Step 3: Secure the Cover

Ideally you'd have some sweet staple gun to simply staple the cloth to the seat.

In my case, I sewed the cover with needle and thread to the point that it was secured to the seat. I sewed the bottom, then the sleeves, and the neck line. Stretching the shirt and cutting unnecessary fabric as I went.

BE AWARE: You want to avoid bunching where the screws secure the seat to the frame.

Step 4: Make Hole for Screws and Re-attach Seat to Frame

Feel for the holes and make holes through the cover if there is any obstruction.

This is pretty easy. Just be wary of securing the cover with the frame in mind. You want to stretch the cloth so you don't have anything hanging under the seat or bunching on the sides.

And enjoy :)

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Love it! We had chairs almost identical to those, now I wish we'd kept them. Great job.