Introduction: Re-inflating a Tubeless Wheelbarrow or Hand Truck Tire (without Explosives)

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I have simplified a way to re-inflate small tires on around the house devices such as wheelbarrows and hand trucks with tubeless tires.
I had a hand truck sitting under my deck for several years and the tires subsequently went flat. 

After trying unsuccessfully trying to wrap the tire with a rope and twisting with a screwdriver, I decided to try a simpler method.


Step 1: Tools You Will Need

You will need the following tools

Deflated tubeless tire
Side cutters
Half a dozen zip ties.
Air pump

Step 2: Clean the Tire Rim Seal of Debris.

Remove any dirt, grass, bugs, etc from within the tire and from the rim seal.
After sitting for two years, my tire had all of the above.

Step 3: Attach Several Zip Ties Together Then Attach to Tire.

Attach several zip ties 3/4 the circumference of the tire
Surround the tire with the zip ties.
Add additional zip tie (if needed)  to completely surround tire with zip ties.

Step 4: Attach Zip Ties Around Tire and Secure With Additional Zip Tie

Tighten BY HAND the zip ties. I found that if I tightened two zip ties opposite each other, it was easier to tighten an additional zip tie without risking completely tightening one zip tie into one of the other zip ties.

Step 5: Tighten Zip Ties and Inflate

Tighten the zip ties while stepping on tire. This will allow for addtional tightening of the zip ties.The goal is to force the sidewalls of the tire against the rim.

Inflate tire with compressor or bike pump.

Step 6: Once Seal Has Been Established, Remove Zip Ties With Side Cutters

Once seal has been established, remove zip ties with side cutters, being sure to only cut the zip tie, and not the tire.
Enflate to desired pressure.

Step 7: Additional Help

I found that one of my tires needed a little "encouragement". I stomped down on the tire while my son pumped air. This helped make a seal and I was in business.

I also was able to reuse all but one zip tie for the second tire on my hand truck. Remember you only need to cut one of the zip ties to release the tire.

Save the zip ties that are attached to each other for future use on a similar project.

I apologize for the mediocre photos. When I took the photos I handed the camera to my son and said "take some photos". I was not sure it would work. When it did, I wished I had taken better photos ;)

My first publised Instructable! "Long time listener, first time caller".