Re-melted Candles




Introduction: Re-melted Candles

I`ve got lots of candles hidden away in my cupboards.

Some of them look a bit dusty after years just waiting to come out and some of them are totally out of style.

To make new, chic looking candles, re-melt your old ones and give them a new renaissance

Step 1: Here`s How:

1. Collect your old candles

2. Cut the candles in smaller pieces and put them in a container in boiling water. While waiting for the candles to melt, prepare the new containers.

3. Stick the wick to the bottom of the new container using weight or glue. Tie the wick to a chopstick or something similar to keep it in place.

4. When the candles have melted pour the stearic into the new containers and let it harden.

Step 2: All Done!

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    Reply 5 years ago

    It`s a simple and fun project to do with kids!

    Even more fun with different colors :)