Introduction: Re-purpose a Flat Panel TV to Light

If you've ever broken the screen on a flat panel TV, and tried to get it repaired, then you know that it is cheaper to buy a new TV.
Well, don't toss it in the trash, re-purpose it to brighten up that dark area in your house, garage, shop, or shed, etc.
The following Instructable will show you how to easily remove the parts of a flat-panel TV to make it into a very bright light. And, if you still have the remote for the TV, you can even use it to turn it off and on.



Step 1: Remove the Back Cover...

turn the TV onto its face, on a nice flat surface so the back is up and remove all the screws holding it on.
Then lift it off exposing the innards of the TV.

***SAFETY FIRST!!! Please unplug the TV from it's power source before removing the back!!! TV's have some very high voltages running through them!!!***

Step 2: Start Removing Excess Parts...

(Set all your excess parts aside, keep all the cables, brackets and screws together. These can be sold on eBay for a little extra cash. And having them when listing them on eBay helps in getting them sold.)

Locate the speakers, unplug them from the Main Board, and remove them and the brackets.

Step 3: Locate the T-Con Board (if Your TV Has One)

Some newer TV's don't have a T-Con board and it is a part of the Main Board. If this is true for you, skip this step.

Remove the bracket or cover to expose the T-Con Board and the connection ribbons to the TV Screen.
disconnect the T-Con board cables from the Main Board and the ribbons from the screen. (Remember to keep all these parts together if you plan on trying to sell them on eBay).

Step 4: Remove the Face Frame From Around the Screen

there will be screws that need to be removed and set aside. So, try not to lose these as you will need them to put your light back together.

Then, some TV's will have a protective plastic covering the screen boards, remove it, then loosen the screen boards away from the back of the panel.

Then, you are ready to remove the screen...

Step 5: Remove the Screen...

After removing the face frame, the screen is now ready to be removed

Remove only the black glass that is the screen. Leave the white plastic pieces behind the screen.

Step 6: What Is Left...

The Power Supply Board, the Main Board, the Remote Sensor Board, and the On/Off switch are all that you need.
Some TV's have a Control Board for the On/Off switch that will include other buttons. Most TV's this isn't necessary to keep if you plan to wire it to a wall switch. they will come on automatically when the power switch is turned on. Not all TV's will do this, which is why I also have the remote sensor left on it. If your TV comes on automatically when power gets to it, you can also remove the Main Board, the On/Off switch, and the remote sensor. Leaving only the Power Supply Board. Also, some TV's also have an LED Driver Board. If that is in your case, you must leave it and whatever boards are connected to it. Some are connected through the Power Supply Board and some are connected through the Main Board.

If you have doubts, unplug what you want to remove then try to turn on the TV and see if the lights come on.

*** Always use extreme caution when plugging in a TV with the innards exposed ***

*** It is best to give the TV a few minutes to discharge any leftover charge after unplugging them before touching anything inside ***

Step 7: Replace the Face Frame and the Back Cover. Plug in the TV. Then Turn It On. Let There Be Light!!!

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