Re-purpose a Coffee Table Into a Padded Bench in an Hour!

Introduction: Re-purpose a Coffee Table Into a Padded Bench in an Hour!

For some reason, I have 3 coffee tables, and no sofa. I never thought it would really bother me, but three months with no place to sit my fanny and I got desperate. I'm a single mom and full time student, so I needed a soultion that was cheap and easy.

Step 1: Materials!!

Things you will need: 
Coffee table 
2 yards (more or less, depending on how big you are going) fabric
Spray adhesive
Poly Foam Roll 

Step 2: Clean Table, and Size Your Foam!!

After cleaning, lay out your foam roll. I used a marker and traced the top onto the foam and then trimmed to length, leaving the excess on one end in a large piece. Then I cut this in to two halves, rolled each half longways, and tapped to hold shape. This will be an arm rest. **Do a second time with the other half of the left over foam. Then I traced and trimmed the back portion of the foam, this left me with a long and thinner piece that I rolled up, taped and used for the back edge. I put them in place JUST to make sure it was going to work. 

**Design alternative: : To make a lounge, don't cut the excess piece of foam in half. Just roll it up, making a bigger roll, and tape to secure, and only add to one side. 

Step 3: Now SPRAY!!

Use all precautions on your spray adhesive. VENTILATE. Spray the top of the table, and the underside of the foam seat. Let set for one minute and then set in place. Press down to make sure it is well stuck. Then spray the perimeter of the table where the arms and back will be attached, then spray bottom parts of arms and back and attach arms first, then the back, folding the inside corners in towards the arm ends. After adhesive set, I resprayed the edges around the arms and back to ensure a good stick.

Step 4: Fabric Time!

Lay your fabric over the foam, much like you woud with a slipcover, but with minimal tucking. Cut the corners by the arms so they aren't bulky. Don't spray, until you have it laid out and yor are totally ready tp place it. I started at on arm, and made my way from left to right, spraying the foam AND the backside of the fabric for better adhesion, going section by section, like wall paper, smoothing fabric as you go. 

Step 5: Time for a Trim!

Cut the excess fabric from around the table (front, sides, and back) then using the wood "line" that was already there, I cut to this, sprayed it and finished "upholstering" my new beach seat. 

Step 6: Now Admire and Sit!!

All done! It took me an hour, complete with art store shopping time and all. Originally, I was going to paint the wood a baby blue to match the fabric, but I liked the wood. Enjoy your comfy, cheap and shabby chick padded bench seat!! 

I also ended us using a cheap body pillow for the back against the wall, and it's pretty comfor-TABLE!! 
(And my cute son, eating ice cream all comfy and stretched out!) 

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