Introduction: Re-purpose Truck Grille for Tool Storage DIY Tool Storage

I recently decided to put a new grille on my truck since my old grille was starting to peel and had a couple of cracks.  My current apartment doesn't allow much room for storage so I have  to manage our space the best as possible.  I recently purchased a new Craftsman wrench set and really don't have a lot of room to store them but they are a must have  tool to keep around so I came up with a way to store them while not spending a lot of money...if any.

Basically I am using the hex shaped grill insert to create a backing to store my tools on with a little human ingenuity.  

Step 1: Remove Grille Insert

This step is simple, all you need to do is disassemble the plastic hex grille insert from the plastic chrome body.  I used a large straight head screwdriver to pop all the little plastic clips that were holding it in place.

Step 2: Making the Holding Hooks

I used some nails I had lying around to create a clip/hook that I could use to hold my wrench set.  I used a set of arc joint pliers as well as a set of needle nose pliers to bend the nails so that they could clip and hold onto the hex grille insert and also hold the wrenches.  

This process took me a little bit of time but I just put on some King of the Hill and started bending nails.

Make sure that you find a nail that is long enough to be bent and still have enough surface area to hold your tools up.  You may also want to do a few different bends to find out which way is the strongest.  

Step 3: Insert Hooks

Now that you have made your hooks it is time to decide on a layout.  I tried a couple of different ways but actually ended up liking the plain straight across look.  

All you have to do is hook the u-shaped bend of your nail over one of the hex shaped plastic designs and you have a hook that will hold your tools. Make sure that the u-shape is a little tough to get over the plastic so you know that it will hold your tools up and have some strength to it.

Step 4: Finish It Up and Put It to Use

Now all you have to do is finish it up and decide on where you want to put it.

I built a table for my scroll saw a couple of weeks ago and I think it was the perfect place to store my tools. 

I just need to dremel off the excess plastic pieces that are visible and not being used and then it will be finished.