Introduction: Re-spooling Wire With an Electric Drill

Alright lads! Roll call! Who's missing? Raise your hand if you're missing.

Step 1: Identify the Problem.

Ah there you are, purple. Ok, get in line with the others.

Step 2: Engineer a Solution.

And by "engineer a solution" I mean "try the first idea that pops into your head".

Here's what we'll be using:

  • Lord Drillington-Smythe, for his prowess with the spinny-spinny.
  • A left-over empty wire spool.
  • A 1" spade bit that is just slightly narrower than the target spool.
  • Masking tape, to fill the gap. Wrap the bit tightly - there's nothing worse than watching in sadness as half a spool of wire runs merrily down the hill laughing gleefully as it trails another half-spool. Well, there are plenty of things worse, but none that apply to this project.

Step 3: I Knew Those Spinning Classes Would Come in Handy.

Ensure the spool won't come flying off the end of the bit (you didmake a tight fit with the masking tape, right?).

Feed the end of the wire from the source spool through the holes in the target. Wrap the wire tightly a few times otherwise the target spool will just sit 'n' spin happily without actually acquiring any wire.

I used Lord Drillington-Smythe's slowest speed, and low torque.

Completion occurs when the end result has been achieved.

Step 4: Happiness Accomplished!

*Dusts off hands* all done.

For the beautiful & handy wire spool organizer, see this instructable.