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Introduction: Re-usable Bags

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This is by far the simplest bag pattern I have used.  Years back I had a re-usable bag someone had given me.  It fit two 1 gallon jugs of milk in it perfectly.  When I gave it a good look-sie I was surprised to see how easy it would be to make my own bags.

1 yd of Fabric- (in this demo I used oil cloth) 
Ribbon (go nuts- make your bag fancy)
Sewing machine 
cardboard (to make the pattern)

Step 1: Cutting Out the Pieces

I like to cut my pattern out of cardboard for this project.  You can make the pattern just as easily from fabric.
There are two pieces:
1) the main body- a large rectangle that is 36"x16"
2) the sides- a smaller rectangle that is 7"x16"
*on piece #2 at one end of the width curve the corners. 

Now that you have the patterns, use them on your fabric and cut it out.
Note that with piece #2 you need to cut 2 of these out.

If you want to get fancy cut piece #1 from one fabric and #2 from a different design of fabric.

Step 2: Cutting the Straps

Cut two straps at 3" x 25"

Step 3: Sewing the Sides

Sew piece #2 to each side (or width) of piece #1.
Go slow as you go around the bottom of piece #2.

If you are not using oil cloth press the seams open.

Step 4: Turn the Bag

Step 5: Sewing the Straps

The type of fabric you are using will determine how you sew up the straps.

Oil Cloth:
You need to fold it in half and then each end is folded under about 1/4".  The 'right' side of the fabric is facing out.
On the sewing machine stitch it together.

Other fabrics:
You need to make a tube, sew it shut (wrong side out), and turn it.
1.  fold fabric in half- wrong side out
2.  Sew it down the length with a 3/8" seam, at the top turn and sew it closed
3.  At the closed end (using a pencil with the eraser end) push the fabric through and pull it right side out
4.  Press 

Step 6: Attaching the Straps

1. Fold the top of the bag over (and inside) by about 1 1/2" 
2.  Pin it (press if you are not using oil cloth)
3.  Sew a seam all the way around the top of the bag about 1" down.
4. Take the straps and pin in place.  I like to attach them about 2-3" from the outer edge of the side piece.
*each strap goes across the wide part of the bag- not over the top of the bag
5.  Stitch the straps into place

Step 7: Finish Up!

Now go as wild as you want.  For this one I added a simple red velvet ribbon to the top.  

I make these bags in batches.  I'll pull out a crapload of fabric and start cutting.  From start to finish it takes me under an hour to complete one bag.  Have fun!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Lots of great pictures and I love that you do your patterns in cardboard too. I do that so they don't rip or go all funny when I store them. :D

    Chicken Girl
    Chicken Girl

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I 'stack' all my cardboard patterns for easy storage. My other alternative pattern material is muslin. Every year or so I buy a bolt of it for about $.50 a yard.