Introduction: Reaction Game- Computer Engineering Project

The reaction game is exactly what the name says, it tests your reaction speed. You might be asking what benefits could this server outside of entertainment, well you can use this for individuals in rehab from surgery or accidents. Their reaction speed would health and physical progress after medical operations.


  • Raspberry Pi 3 B
  • Breadboard
  • Ribbon cable (attaches the breadboard to raspberry pi
  • Minimum 8 male to male wires or male-female wires
  • 2 Switches
  • 1 Buzzer
  • 1 300 Ohm resistor

Step 1: Create the Program

The image attached shows the entire python code that will need to be copied. Change the GPIO pins and code to your benefit.

Step 2: Set Up the Following Circuit

Use the video as a guide for what circuits need to be made and where they should or can be placed.

Remember, one circuit for the switch which needs 2 male-female wires, on wire goes to a gpio the other goes to ground. Another circuit is for the LED which requires the LED code, 2 male-female wires and a possible resistor 330 Ohms+ depends on the voltage. The third circuit is for the second switch aka player 2 this circuit is identical to the first switch circuit however makes sure to switch up the gpio pins. Last but not least, the buzzer goes under the same function as LED as it only needs an electrical current to make a noise just something that signals that the game is over (the buzzer has the same circuit layout as an LED, can use resistor depending on voltage)

Step 3: Create Your Model That You Will Integrate Your Circuit To

Collect cardboard or your desired materials to create a box big enough to encompass your breadboard. Find a place for 4 holes on your box, the switches, buzzer, and LED will be sticking out from this holes. In case, you can reinforce the bottom of the switches so when pressure is put on top, it will have some resistance and will not collapse by the normal button pressing force.