Introduction: Reaction Tester

With this buttongame you can test your reaction.

What you need:

1x Arduino Uno

1x Breadboard

1x Buzzer (5V)

3x LED (I used the color blue, but you can pick your own colour/colours)

3x Buttons

1x MDF (or other material you want to use to build your housing)

Step 1: Connecting Components

Solder the components on a breadboard. Make sure the buttons and the LEDs are alligned.

Attach the wires to the Arduino Uno and you're good to go :)

Step 2: Coding

Step 3: Create Housing

The material I used is MDF.


Bottom/Top plate : 10cm x 15 cm

Side Plate : 13,3cm x 5,2cm

Front/Back Plate : 7cm x 5.2cm

Cut in a rectangle inside the bottom and top to insert the sides and front/back plates. Polish the edges of the plates to make them fit perfectly.

Drill holes for the LEDs, Buttons and the Arduino Port.

Drill 4 holes to insert long screws for sturdiness. Add 4 rubber cap to avoid scratch marks on your surface.

Step 4: Test Your ReactionTester!

Congratulations! Now you've got your own Reaction Tester!